Spelling Routines-
New Word Wednesday- Students will be taught their words for the week and spelling contract will be assigned.
Test on Tuesday- Students will be assessed on their words and spelling contract is due.

Spelling City

Words Their Way is the spelling program utilized in this classroom. Spelling is differentiated to meet the needs of individual students. The focus of each lesson is a spelling pattern; students study patterns that they can apply in their daily spelling instead of memorizing individual words. Daily work done at school and at home follows a predictable schedule.

Closed Sort
Student is given a list of words to cut apart, lay out headers, and sort words into categories. Tell a parent why words are sorted in a particular way. Copy words. Keep word sort to use all week.

Blind Sort

Write headers on a piece of paper. Have a parent read each word and child writes it under correct heading. Check for correct placement of word and spelling.

Speed Sort

Child sorts the words as fast as he/she can and then does it a second time to try and beat their time.

Word Hunt