Word Masters

2014-2015 Challenge Dates

Meet 1 - Word list available October 1, 2014

Test #1- The week of December 1st - 5th, 2014

Meet 2 - Word list available December 8, 2014

Test #2- The week of February 17th - 20th, 2015

Meet 3 - Word list available February 23, 2015

Test #3- The week of April 20th - 24th, 2015

|| REMEMBER... ||

1. After you have learned the meanings of your words, think about possible relationships among them.
  • Which words have similar meanings?
  • Which words have nearly opposite meanings?
  • Remember, some words have more than one meaning.
2. Think about some categories into which several words might be grouped.
3. Be sure you understand the part of speech of a word (for example, noun, verb or adjective) as it is used in the analogy.
  • Some words on this list can be either a noun or a verb depending upon how they are used.
4. Pay special attention to the prefixes and suffixes of words, because they are often clues to meaning and part of speech.
5. Try to familiarize yourself with other forms of these words, for example:
6. Keep this list! Some of these words will also appear in the second and third Word Masters Challenge meets, scheduled for later this school year.

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